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Are You Print Ready?

Quality printing starts with a quality product. While you may already have great photographs and artwork, if you don't set up your files properly, your printed product will look sub-par at best. But how do you know if your files are truly print ready? Here are some tips for preparing your ...
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All About Branding

Branding is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Modern branding goes beyond names, slogans, and logos. Modern branding is the perception that a customer has when they think or hear the name of your company or product. The idea of who you are a company to your consumers ...
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Choosing The Best Business Card Stock

There's so much more to creating business cards than having the perfect design. A critical aspect of business card design is choosing the correct stock. Choosing a stock for your business card affects not only how it looks, but also how it feels. Because business cards are passed around, there ...
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Flyers Vs Brochures

Flyers and brochures are both widely used tools for business marketing. Both are cost effective, easily portable and efficient for getting the word out about your business. They put information about your company directly in the hands of consumers in a small, but informative way. However, it is important to ...
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Get Noticed With Banners!

Are you looking for a product that will push your brand to the forefront of the competition? One that puts your products and services on the map? Look no further than banner marketing! Find out why banners are a great addition to any marketing strategy. Reach a Massive Audience When placing ...
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Creating the Perfect Business Card

Anyone can make a business card, but very few can make one that is perfect for the unique needs of their business. There is nothing difficult about printing your name, title, and contact information on a piece of paper. That being said, the perfect business card is one that stands ...
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Mother’s Day Marketing

Mother's day is a great opportunity for retail and service companies to spend a little more on marketing. Effectively marketing your products and services for Mother's day is an easy way to boost sales. Here are some tips for your Mother's day Marketing. Target Audience Knowing who to target your promotion ...
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RGB, CMYK or Pantone?

Properly preparing your digital files is extremely important. When designing, it is important to know what color settings to use for the medium you are designing for. However, what do CMYK and RGB mean? And what is a Pantone? It's time to break down these terms! CMYK CMYK is an ...
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Print Marketing for 2017

As 2017 starts, make sure you are keeping your business and marketing objectives in mind for the new year. In today's day and age, much of our marketing is based on a digital platform. With the start of the new year, keep in mind your marketing objectives not only with ...
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Why stress when printing your holiday cards can be so easy?

Why stress when printing your holiday cards can be so easy? This Holiday Season, keep Boulevard Printing in mind when you need to print your family's holiday cards! Boulevard printing has a stock of Holiday stationary, card stock, and full color, or black and white printing to help you print. Also, when ...
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