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The Main Ingredients In A Menu

An Appetizing Aesthetic Every restaurant needs at least four things: A good location. (Preferably one with medium to heavy foot traffic, high visibility, and ample parking.) A good manager. (One that puts their best foot forward to serve as the face of the restaurant, order inventory, interact with staff and ... Read More

Building A Better Brochure

A New Design For A New Year A business card may be your go-to marketing tool but a brochure shouldn't be far behind. After all, it's one of the most common marketing tools for a reason! A brochure combines eye-catching imagery with impactful typography to display your company's message, products, ... Read More

Crafting The Perfect Christmas Card

Spread Tidings of Joy With Custom Printed Christmas Card Thanksgiving is over which means the countdown to Christmas is officially underway! Whether you've decked your halls or are still packing up the pilgrims, it's time to turn your thoughts towards the season of giving. Christmas is a magical time of ... Read More

Tips For A Successful Trade Show

Tis The Season . . . Fall Trade Show Season! Halloween is almost here which means Thanksgiving––and Black Friday––are just around the corner. To get the best results on your daring discounts and spectacular savings, combine your print and digital advertisements to market your business across multiple channels. You'll need ... Read More
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Loyalty Cards

Inspire brand loyalty. We can't say it enough: building brand loyalty is one of the best things you can do for your company. Brand loyalty adds value to your products and services. It encourages potential customers to choose your business over the competition. In a study* done by University of ... Read More

Get My Memo?

Tools of the Trade Thanks to September's article "All About Branding", you already understand the importance of building a strong brand to represent your business and create consumer loyalty. Developing a brand is the first step to creating an effective marketing strategy, and once you have a solid brand in ... Read More

Back To School Basics

Never underestimate the selling potential of beginning early. As a business owner, you curb your marketing towards the season. As your "Red, White, & Blue Sales" wind to a close, it's time to start planning for Back To School. August might be the peak season for back to school shopping ... Read More

The Perfect Copies

Copies Are Fast, Easy To Reproduce, And Inexpensive. No matter your business, never underestimate the advertising potential of your copies and documents. When you put your business name in the hand of consumers, you want to use professionally printed, high-quality materials that are sure to make a favorable first impression ... Read More

Is Print Dead?

Is print dead? This is a big topic in the world of advertising and marketing. With the accent on social media, one can easily think that there is no place for the printed magazine or newspaper in society anymore. To some extent, that is true. However, in other aspects of ... Read More

Proudly Serving The Buffalo Community

Established in 2005, Boulevard Printing proudly offers quality and affordable printing materials to the Buffalo, NY community. With over 40 years of experience in the print and copying business, Boulevard Printing is the place to go for all of your duplicating needs. We understand the growing needs of our customers. That ... Read More

What to Put on the Back of a Business Card

Are you making the most of your business card? Providing vital contact information is only part of creating a business card that leaves a lasting impression. So many people don't realize the vital real estate that lives on the back of their business card. Usually left blank, the back of ... Read More

8.5 X 11: An Abridged History Behind Paper Size

Have you ever thought about the reasoning behind our standard paper size? American paper fills our office filing cabinets, notebooks, and printers, so the idea of their size is almost second nature. 8.5" x 11" even defines our PDF's in cyberspace. But why is this size the standard for Americans? In Europe, ... Read More

Merging Print With Digital

Digital marketing may be the new norm, but that doesn't mean print is no longer effective. Actually, it's when these two platforms work together that we receive the best results. Multi channel campaigns are more likely to reach a prospective customer at the right time and place for them to ... Read More

Success for the New Year

With 2018 approaching, it's time to think about what you need to do to get ready for the new year. December is an exciting time to travel, eat great food, celebrate with friends and family, and relax, but don't forget about your business. This is the perfect time to get ... Read More

Reasons Why You Should Still Send Christmas Cards

We spend hours every day on posting, liking, checking in, emailing, texting and tweeting. The list of our social media accounts goes on. The "I saw that on Facebook" phrase is said daily, replacing the good old phone call and heartfelt letter. Modern technology has streamlined the way we communicate, ... Read More

Are You Print Ready?

Quality printing starts with a quality product. While you may already have great photographs and artwork, if you don't set up your files properly, your printed product will look sub-par at best. But how do you know if your files are truly print ready? Here are some tips for preparing your ... Read More