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All About Branding



Branding is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Modern branding goes beyond names, slogans, and logos. Modern branding is the perception that a customer has when they think or hear the name of your company or product. The idea of who you are a company to your consumers are influenced by what your customers think about your product. Branding is so important that companies will spend thousands of dollars towards the design and integration of their brand. Color, content, and wording all play a part in making your favorite brands popular.

Branding: A Short History

It is thought that the practice of branding dates back the ancient Egyptians. They were practicing livestock branding as early as 2,700 BC to differentiate one person’s cattle from another. A hot branding iron was pressed into the animal’s skin, leaving behind a symbol. Then if one person steals another’s animal, they would know whose it was based on the symbol on the animal’s skin. This practice was adopted in Ancient Rome but used as an inscription applied to objects for sale. The inscription usually gave information such as place of origin, destination, type of product, and quality.

Jumping forward to the 19th century, mass marking and the advent of packaged goods lead to modern branding. Industrialization moved the production of household items from local communities to factories. When shipping, the factories would place their logo or insignia on the barrels used. Over time, generic products from factories needed to better convince the market to place as much trust in them as in local products. Coca-Cola, Quaker Oats, and Campbell’s Soup, were among the first products to be “branded” to increase the consumer’s familiarity with their product.

What Should a Brand Do?

Branding is a strategic way for product or company to express values or promises that a consumer may perceive or buy into. Branding is not about getting your target market to select you. Rather it is about getting your market to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their needs.

A Good Brand:

  • Clearly, delivers the message
  • Confirms your credibility
  • Emotionally connects your target prospects with your product/service
  • Motivates the buyer to buy
  • Creates User Loyalty

The Importance of Branding

When creating a brand, you must understand the needs and wants of your customers. Branding is the expression of who you are as a company and what you offer. It is important to spend time researching, defining and building your brand. Once you have a brand, use it to align a marketing plan with your objectives. The effectiveness of a marketing plan doesn’t happen before the purchase, but it continues into the life of your consumers after the purchase. Did the product or service perform as expected? Was the quality as good as promised or better? How was the service experience? If you can get positive answers to these questions, you’ve created a loyal customer.

Evaluate Your Brand

Branding can be confusing. With so much to think about, it can be hard to know if your brand is strong enough. Here are a few questions you can ask to evaluate your brand.

  • Does your brand relate to your target audience?  Will they instantly “get it” without too much thought?
  • Does your brand share the uniqueness of what you offer and why it’s important?
  • Does it reflect the brand promise that you are making to who you are targeting as well as to your internal audience?
  • Does your brand reflect the values that you want to represent as a customer?

Developing a brand is the first step to creating an effective marketing strategy. Once your brand is established, lay out your marketing plan. Are you thinking of print marketing? Boulevard Printing offers quality printed materials that will make your business or event look its best! We’re a locally owned company committed to delivering great quality and fast service for a fair price from owners who will always be there to make sure you’re completely satisfied. No job is too large or too small!