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Building A Better Brochure


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A New Design For A New Year

A business card may be your go-to marketing tool but a brochure shouldn’t be far behind. After all, it’s one of the most common marketing tools for a reason! A brochure combines eye-catching imagery with impactful typography to display your company’s message, products, and services. This lightweight medium helps sell with visuals and content in an easy, accessible, and cost effective format.

In Business, Public Perception Always Matters

In “Merging Print With Digital” we discussed the merits of combining your online and offline marketing efforts to create a strong, cohesive multi channel campaign that reaches both current and potential customers. However, ineffective or poorly designed print materials do nothing to reinforce your message. In fact, a lackluster or low-quality design may negatively influence potential customers, causing them to view your brand, company, product, or service as “unprofessional”, “substandard”, or “not worth their time”.

Rather than push potential customers into the arms of the competition, focus on these four design aspects to craft a strong, creative, and informative brochure that will showcase your business, product, or service in the best light.

Learn The Art Of Typography

To break the rules, you have to know them first. When it comes to picking out type, you want to select complimentary fonts that are different enough to make your content dynamic but not too different that their aesthetics don’t mesh. For beginner designers, start with the Rule of Three:

  1. A serif font for headlines and subheadings.
  2. A sans-serif font for body type.
  3. A cursive or artsy font for pullout quotes, testimonials, and section headers.

Where possible, incorporate fonts from your brand to reinforce your brand identity. Play around with sizes and weights to make individual words or phrases stand out, or trying making them bold or italicized for added emphasis.

Cater Content To Your Clients

You know your business best and you know your clients best. Age, gender, location, income…knowing your target audience, understanding their wants and needs, and being able to tailor your promotional materials to meet those wants and needs is essential for success. Every brochure should serve a purpose, no matter how small. For example, it could be a reference material for customers and employees, an overview of your company and staff, a promotional piece for a new product, or even a follow-up to help close a sale. Once you know your brochure’s purpose, you can tailor your design and text to support it.

Use clear, concise language. Skip the big words. And be sure to include a call to action! Even the strongest design needs a helping hand. Make your contact information easily accessible and then combine persuasive text and strong visuals to generate leads. Take it one step further and create a “sense of urgency” by adding a deadline or discount.

Select Eye-Catching Imagery

Like with any design project, be creative! Combine text, colors, and images that imitate your brand, reinforce your message, and grab consumer attention in a single glance. Select images that will appeal to your audience. For example, a remodeling company should showcase drastic before-and-after shots while a high school should demonstrate a variety of student activities from the classroom to the athletic field. Always keep your audience in mind and use a combination of layouts, graphics, and text to convey emotion.

Remember: pictures are a great way to break up large blocks of text!

Give Your High Quality Design A High Quality Feel

Brochures differ from flyers in that brochures are always folded–generally bifold or trifold––from single or multiple sheets of paper. Printing on your inkjet printer may provide a quick turnaround but the thinness of regular computer paper will leave your brochures feeling cheap. Instead, give your brochures a luxurious feel by opting for thicker, durable papers or cardstocks that are coated to resist moisture and fading.

High-Quality Print Materials You Can Be Proud To Distribute

Once you have the perfect brochure design, contact the trusted print professionals at Boulevard Printing Inc. We proudly serve the Buffalo community, offering our clients full and complete service for whatever your order consists of. With our every day low prices and high quality stocks, it makes perfect sense to rely on us for all your printing needs.