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Choosing The Best Business Card Stock


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There’s so much more to creating business cards than having the perfect design. A critical aspect of business card design is choosing the correct stock. Choosing a stock for your business card affects not only how it looks, but also how it feels. Because business cards are passed around, there should be special attention taken to how the card feels. The ability to touch and feel printed materials allows for stronger memories and connections to be made. The choice of stock affects the final appearance of your business cards. Factors such as reflectivity, sheen, and thickness are largely determined by the choice of stock.

Here are a few things to take into consideration next time you print your business cards


Probably the first thing you think of when choosing stock is how thick or thin you want it to be. In general, go for the thickest stock possible. Thicker stocks tend to feel heavier and more substantial. They are also sturdier and will look better for longer. This is important if you are printing on both sides because the card’s integrity will be kept even when totally covered in ink. Thinner stocks, while more affordable, tend to feel flimsier and may be unable to hold ink quite as well on both sides. Thick and thin is a relative term of course. Your standard 14 pt. card stock is substantial and thick, making it able to handle printing on both sides with no issues whatsoever. This is a great choice for anyone who needs a large number of business cards for themselves or their sales team and other employees. 16 pt. and 17 pt. stocks are the best for situations where you’d like your business cards to feel just a bit more upscale or for a more upscale feel for your business overall.


Each finish is different and comes in their own qualities. That being said, no finish is necessarily better than another. Here are some standard finishes.

  • Gloss

    • This is a coated finish that offers some protection to wear and moisture along with a nice shine. Glossy stocks add sharpness, vibrancy, and contrast to your business card’s design and offer a more modern look
  • Matte

    • Matte stocks are also coated for protection but are less reflective compared to gloss. The colors will be more subdued without looking washed out. Matte stocks are a good choice for easy reading and have a less slick texture. This stock is a good choice for classic designs that need a nice feel and some protection.
  • High Gloss

    • UV/High Gloss stocks offer even more contrast, shine, and vibrancy. This is the best choice for business cards that include photos because it is able to bring out the finer details. This is also good for cards that need to stand out in a dramatic way.
  • Uncoated

    • Uncoated stocks do not have any protective coating on them. This gives them a very textural feel, even more than matte coated stocks. Colors will be subdued, yet still clear. Choose uncoated stocks to complement a brand that wants a classic or “natural” aesthetic for their image.

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