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Creating the Perfect Business Card


Anyone can make a business card, but very few can make one that is perfect for the unique needs of their business. There is nothing difficult about printing your name, title, and contact information on a piece of paper. That being said, the perfect business card is one that stands out from the crowd, is memorable, and conveys the message of your company in a distinctive way. A well designed business card can help give your company a good first impression through the elements in it’s design. In most marketing situations, we lead with our business cards. Having a poorly designed card gives off a bad first impression and makes it less likely for a follow-up meeting or phone call.

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Here are some tips for creating the perfect business card:

Know The Purpose Of A Business Card

The way your business card looks is dependent on how you want to come across to a potential client. The information you put on it also depends on your title in the business, how much information you want to give a potential client and also the best way for them to contact you. If you’re a job seeker, don’t have a card associated with a company. Have one that reflects a few of your special skills. If you are an established businessman, you may choose to put less information and “business owner” for your title.

Keep It Simple (But Also Unique)

The most important part is that your business card is readable. Cards with too much clutter makes it impossible to tell where one piece of information starts and another ends. Too much clutter will hide the message your business is trying to convey. Try using your logo for the basis of your design. You could either make it the biggest element or the most noticeable. For text, make sure it is readable. 12 pt is an ideal font size, but never go below 6pt as it will cause problems for those with faulty vision. That being said, keeping it simple doesn’t mean it can’t be unique to you and your business. You may choose to use some unorthodox materials such as metal, fabric, or glass. You can also experiment with different patterns, textures, colors, and fonts. Emboss it, embellish it, or try a different shape.A  unique business card will make you, and your business, stand out.

Make it Accurate

A business card is useless if it is full of inaccurate information. Make sure your business card has your current contact information and several options for how people can reach you. Don’t scratch out old numbers and rewrite in new ones in their place. Additionally, never give out a business card from your old job. The information such as your job title and your work email address may already be inaccurate and doesn’t send the right impression.

Keep it Professional

One factor of being professional is your email address. Having a funny or unusual email may be a personal choice, but make sure it is at least work appropriate. Stay away from emails that spell or sound weird and are difficult to remember. Another way to keep it professional is by having a card that is clean and free of smudges. Additionally, developing a system of where you keep your cards is also important. That way, you’ll know where to reach in case you need to hand out a business card of your own and not have to dig/search around. Make sure you carry enough on you as well. It can be very costly to run out of business cards in the middle of an event. A business card case will not only make it easier to remember to bring them, but also keep them in good shape.


Now that you have your design for the perfect business card, you’ll need a trusted printer to make it a reality. At Boulevard Printing you get full and complete service for whatever your order consists of.  With our everyday low prices and highest quality available anywhere, it makes perfect sense to rely on us for all your copy needs.