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Digital vs. Offset Printing


The growth of digital printing technology has introduced many technical advances, more options and exciting new features to today’s commercial printing. However, it’s advent has also brought some confusion. An understanding of the diverse advantages offered by digital and offset printing will ensure that you always make the right choice for your print job.

1. Offset Printing



  • Generally the most cost effective solution available
  • Requires a slightly longer turnaround time

2. Digital Printing



  • Shortest turnaround time possible
  • In-line finishing solutions available such as stapling, folding and booklet making to provide you with what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Still not sure which is right for you? Use this checklist to help you decide:

Quantity. Offset printing has a front-end cost load. Short runs may have a high unit cost. But as quantities increase, the unit cost goes down with offset printing. Very short runs can be more cost effective with digital printing, while larger quantities are more likely to have a lower unit cost with offset printing.

Printing Medium. Are you interested in printing on special paper or on an unusual printing service? While the options are continuing to increase with digital printing, offset printing still offers the best flexibility.

Color. Digital printing presses use four-color process printing. If you simply need black ink or two ink colors, offset printing may offer a more cost-effective solution. If you need four-color digital printing, the up-front costs of digital printing may be lower.

Customization. Without question, digital printing offers the most affordable way to customize marketing materials, direct mail pieces, letters, and more.


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