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Is Print Dead?


Is print dead? This is a big topic in the world of advertising and marketing. With the accent on social media, one can easily think that there is no place for the printed magazine or newspaper in society anymore. To some extent, that is true. However, in other aspects of advertising, putting printed content in the hands of your target community has never been more important.

Here are some quick facts about print:

  • Print is easy to process because it requires 21% less cognitive effort than digital media.
  • 84% of Americans retain a company’s name when they receive promotional gifts with a company’s logo on it.
  • 60% of consumers make a brand their first choice when it engages their senses
  • Without the need for WIFI, a username, or password, print is more accessible.
  • Helping us be more productive, informed, and entertained, print is everywhere
  • This media is personal, with 61% of consumers feeling more positive about a brand when it’s messages are personalized.
  • Print is unique. It can create an entirely unique print experience for every recipient on your list.
  • The printing industry (in the U.S) employs more than 400,000 people.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why print is so important

Print Creates A Unique Relationship With The Reader

In a world full of emails, social media, websites, and internet-driven connections, the online community is full of surrounding “noise”. We are constantly assaulted by banners from different campaigns, video advertisements, discounts, messages, and pop-up windows. These messages can become so annoying that we simply tune them out after a while. With print, you can communicate your brand’s message without worrying about pop-ups or interruptions from Facebook messages. It offers a one-to-one relationship in which people can choose to focus more on a page, or to come back, or to read that message again. Print is about letting the reader make their own decision regarding what kind of content they want to focus their attention on. Because of this choice, they can remember more easily who provided the message and what the meaning was.

Print Increases Attention And Triggers A Response

How many times have you finished an online article? Do you tend to read these articles word by word or skim to the important parts? Most of the time when we are reading something published online, we just scan the information looking for key ideas or words. Because of that, our reading is fast and more superficial. This doesn’t even bring into account the distractions by newsletter subscription pop-ups or flashing banners. With printed publications, you can offer content that keeps readers focuses and increases engagement and response among customers. This type of reading is slower meaning readers can pay attention to everything on the page, even advertisements. Don’t believe us? Trust the facts. According to the US Postal Service, 81% of direct mail recipients read or scan the printed material daily. The Direct Marketing Association also states that 65% of consumers have made a purchase after receiving direct mail.

Print Informs

Continuous scrolling, the quest to please search engines like Google, and the ability to expand web pages have created an overwhelming amount of content. Nowadays there are more competitors online than offline. While being present online may require more spending on printing, with a smaller market, you will be more effective in getting your message out. Print is focused, informational, reliable, and can be easily saved and referred again. The value of printed information will continue to drive the medium’s relevancy. While digital media is attractive and effective, it is not necessarily the answer in every situation. You know that if a person decided to read your flyer or buy a magazine, they are interested in your domain. Then you can better offer them answers to their questions or solutions to their needs.

Are printed materials dead? Not even close. While print is changing, the medium of print is becoming more creative, useful, and cost-effective. Boulevard Printing offers quality printed materials that will make your business or event look its best! We’re a locally owned company committed to delivering great quality and fast service for a fair price. Our owners who will always be there to make sure you’re completely satisfied.