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The Main Ingredients In A Menu


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An Appetizing Aesthetic

Every restaurant needs at least four things:

  • A good location. (Preferably one with medium to heavy foot traffic, high visibility, and ample parking.)
  • A good manager. (One that puts their best foot forward to serve as the face of the restaurant, order inventory, interact with staff and diners, and respond to any possible complaints.)
  • A good reputation. (Word-of-mouth is free marketing so take advantage of every good review you can get.)
  • A good menu. (Offering a wide selection of items is great but don’t try to please everybody. There is such a thing as “too many choices.”)

While we can’t help you manage your restaurant or pick the perfect location, we can help with your menus!

Tips For Concocting A Stronger Menu Design

Think of your menu as another marketing tool. It not only contains a list of food items, it can include your contact information, social media handles, and any weekly specials you may offer. Like brochures and business cards, take-out menus come a dime a dozen, so it’s important to make yours pop. Use these design tips to create a five-star menu you can be proud to pass out!

Select Colors To Make Diners Hungrier

Did you know that colors can be used to invoke emotion? You probably did. That’s why you chose a soothing blue for your office to create a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. When it comes to your menu, use shades of red, orange, and yellow to stimulate diners’ appetites. But be sure to avoid blue because it can suppress an appetite. It’s actually recommend by diet nutritionists to serve food on blue plates, knowing less food will be consumed––choose wisely!

Choose Fonts Wisely

Because you have so much text crammed into such a small real estate, you may be tempted to shrink the font to create more negative space between menu items. While you may go smaller than a standard 12pt, don’t go too small. Text needs to be legible for old and young eyes. Diners who struggle to read or understand the menu options may come back with a negative review. Don’t risk losing return customers.

Keep your text simple and pick three complimentary fonts: one for section headings, one for menu items, and one for callout text like specials or recommended dishes. Create contrast by using light text on dark backgrounds or vice versa, with vibrant red, orange, or yellow accents in your section headings, borders, and dividers.

Pro Design Tip: Incorporate a font from your brand for added recognition or use a clean, sans-serif font and adjust its weight to differentiate between prices and descriptions.

Garnish Empty Real Estate With Food Photos

People eat with their eyes as much as their stomach. Showcase a few high-quality images of your most mouth-watering, insta-worthy menu items but use them sparingly. Avoid stock photos when possible to prevent diners from pointing out the differences between the photos you’ve chosen and the food on their plate.

Give Your High Quality Menus A High Quality Feel

Don’t mistake “cost effective” with “cheap.” Printing on your inkjet printer may provide a quick turnaround but the thinness of regular computer paper will leave your menus feeling low-quality and can actually cost you more than printing in bulk. Instead, give your menus a luxurious feel by opting for thicker, durable papers or cardstocks that are coated to resist moisture and fading, and choose the trusted print professionals at Boulevard Printing Inc.

We proudly serve the Buffalo community, offering our clients full and complete service for whatever your order consists of. With our every day low prices and high quality stocks, it makes perfect sense to rely on us for all your printing needs!