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Merging Print With Digital


Digital marketing may be the new norm, but that doesn’t mean print is no longer effective. Actually, it’s when these two platforms work together that we receive the best results. Multi channel campaigns are more likely to reach a prospective customer at the right time and place for them to want to make a purchase. However the vast majority of companies not combining their online and offline marketing campaigns because they don’t know where to start. If you are looking for a way to combine digital and print, here are a few suggestions on where to start.

Digital Ads And Direct Mail

There is a lot of back and forth between the success rates of digital media and direct mail. However, you can always maximize results by using the same ad on both platforms. An example is print catalogs. Everyone loves flipping through a colorful catalog they got in the mail. The information for the catalog may be available online, but it’s not the same as turning the pages. Catalog printing is very affordable and you can get people to opt-in for a digital campaign once they sign up for the catalog. When they sign up for the catalog, have them supply their email address as well and ask if they would like to receive promotional material online as well.

From there you can create a beautiful mail piece with a strong call to action and then a digital ad or email with the same feel and call to action. The catalog introduces the products and sales you have while the digital ad reminds them of it with continued reinforcement. Now, you have twice the impact and opportunity to reach your customers!

QR Codes

Another handy tool is the QR code. While they may be a difficult campaign on their own, they make bridging the gap between print and digital easier. Engagement is hard to promote. If your customer is forced to type in a long URL onto their keyboard, they may not bother with the sale. With a simple scan, QR codes can bring immediate advertising to the consumer. They can also send them to a website, app, or other purchasing option. Using QR codes on your print materials makes it easy for the consumer to go quickly to your website/landing page/social media profiles/etc., increasing the chances them making a sale. QR codes also allow you to gain insight into who your customers are and where they’re engaging with your print materials.

Social Media and In-Store Displays

In-store events are big for a brand with a physical presence. They also make it easy to distribute print materials while also engaging in one-on-one conversation to build brand equity. These are also great opportunities to bring your offline customers online. A natural way to do this is by combining social media and in-person displays. If you have a booth at an industry event, feature a touch screen kiosk that encourages people to follow you on Facebook or Twitter in return for a chance to win a grand prize. By getting them to sign up there, you increase the likelihood that they’ll build a strong connection with your brand. It also gives you insight on who is signing up and why they connect with your brand.

Use online opportunities to promote a hashtag, run a promotion, or offer a prize in your store by having people share your social media posts. This will increase your online reach and alert people to your business. Run the same promotion in store and you’ll receive engagement from not only the people that visit your business regularly but also those who have seen your social media.

Successful marketing requires balance. You want your brand to meet both online and offline customers to increase your chances of success. Neither platform should be thrown aside in favor of the other. If you are looking for a printer, look no further than Boulevard Printing. Boulevard Printing offers quality printed materials that will make your business or event look its best! We’re a locally owned company committed to delivering great quality and fast service for a fair price from owners who will always be there to make sure you’re completely satisfied. No job is too large or too small!