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Crafting The Perfect Christmas Card


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Spread Tidings of Joy With Custom Printed Christmas Card

Thanksgiving is over which means the countdown to Christmas is officially underway! Whether you’ve decked your halls or are still packing up the pilgrims, it’s time to turn your thoughts towards the season of giving.

Christmas is a magical time of year. It’s a time when families come together to celebrate and catch up on all the things they’ve missed because of conflicting schedules or long distances. By sending something as simple as a Christmas card, we get the chance to reconnect with loved ones and remind them that they are always in our thoughts.

Wishing Everyone A Happy Holiday

Last year we explored several “Reasons Why You Should Still Send Christmas Cards” so this year we’ve compiled five tips for crafting the perfect Christmas Card, from honing your message to preparing your cards to hit the mailbox!

#1. Pick a platform.

In the age of digital media it can be easy to just do away with mailing Christmas cards entirely. With a single click you can send an email or create a social media post offering well wishes that hits the majority of your friends and family simultaneously. But an email can feel very impersonal, not everyone checks their email regularly, and you may have some family members who don’t use email at all. Take the time to “snail mail” your Christmas cards. A card gives you something to hold and relatives will love displaying your family photo on their fridge or mantel!

#2: Select a theme to fit your Christmas card list.

Christmas is a Christian holiday as much as it has become a commercial holiday. While recent surveys show that a growing number of Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus celebrate Christmas, it’s important to create a system that helps you identify which friends and family members actually celebrate Christmas versus those who don’t. This way you can opt for a more general “Seasons Greetings” to send to those members, business associates, and/or coworkers.

#3: Add a personalized look and feel.

Like many print products, you can easily grab generic cards at any convenience store. But adding a photo, customizing your message, and adding a printed signature create a stronger impact when viewed. Design a custom Christmas card with your family’s holiday picture on the front and trust the professional printers at Boulevard Printing to provide you with high quality, affordable Christmas cards this season. With a variety of sizes, stocks, and finishes, the options are endless!

#4: Don’t wait until the last second.

Like most things in life, timing is everything. Mail your cards out too late and you run the risk of missing the holiday entirely. The general rule of thumb is try to get your cards printed now so you have plenty of time to address, stamp, and mail them. Aim for the second week of December to drop your cards off at the post office.

#5: Include a return address.

Including a return address gives people a chance to update their address book, especially if you’ve moved since the previous year. At Boulevard Printing we provide custom printed envelopes or return address labels to save you time and energy!

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