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Dos and Don’ts Of Postcard Printing: Baby Shower Invitation Edition


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Oh Baby!

Pregnancy is always a reason to celebrate. Hosting a baby shower, however, is no easy feat. You need a venue, a menu, a guest list, games. While we can’t help you with every task on your checklist, we can help set the stage for success by providing you with a high-quality custom baby shower invitation to spread the word!

Because this invitation is one of the first keepsakes from your baby’s life, having the right design is important. Follow these four simple dos and don’ts to create the perfect baby shower invites:

Do: Mail A Physical Invite 

Electronic invites (evites) might be a quicker, easier, and cheaper alternative to traditional mail, but receiving a digital invitation can never replace the joy one has when receiving a physical card in the mail. People want to touch, hold, and display their invite. Not lose it among a sea of emails.

Sending out physical invites also gives you greater control over your guest list. Social media invites like Facebook Events leave your invite open to being shared on feeds with people who didn’t make the cut. (Or who you don’t even know!)

Typically, you’ll want to mail your baby shower invitations 8 to 10 weeks prior to your shower date. For a local guest list, you can shorten that window to 6 to 8 weeks prior if desired.

Do: Pick A Shower Theme

Picking a theme can be as simple as choosing a color scheme. Go pink and gold for a baby girl. Blue and silver for a baby boy. Or keep it neutral with sunny yellows and pastel greens. Choosing a theme at this early stage will save you time and energy later on when it comes to picking out party decor.

Design Tip: Match your shower theme to your nursery theme. This way you reuse your party decorations to prepare the nursery for your little one’s arrival!

Don’t: Forget The Details

The details are the most important part of any invitation. The who, what, when, where, registry, and RSVP information should be proofread for any errors to ensure accuracy. Keep it simple, clear, and to the point.  

Who: For a “girls only” celebration, mention who the shower is in honor of, followed by the hostess’s name. For example, your invitation wording could say “Oh Baby! You’re invited to a baby shower in honor of [Mother-To-Be]…Hosted by [Host’s Names].”

For a co-ed shower–a growing trend–it can be any combination of Mom, Dad, and Baby’s names. For example, your wording could say “We’re Over The Moon With Excitement! [Mom’s Name] and [Dad’s Name] are expecting a baby boy!

What: This is the easiest part…a baby shower!

When & Where: Include the date, time (start and end), and location. If there are special directions or requests, such as bring a book in lieu of a card, include them below the address.

Registry: Guide your guests to the items you’ll need most as a new parent with a registry. Make it easy for your guests to find by including specific information, such as the name the registry is under, or a url.

RSVP: Tell your guests who to RSVP to, how to RSVP, and when to RSVP by.

Do: Professional Print Your Baby Shower Invitations

Showcase your baby shower invitations in the best light by printing with a professional, local printer like Boulevard Printing Inc! We proudly serve the Buffalo community, offering high-quality postcard printing for any size order, big or small, at every day low prices. Contact us today for more information!