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Dos and Don’ts Of Postcard Printing: Birthday Invitation Edition


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You’re Invited!

Birthdays are annual milestones that give parents a great excuse to reconnect with family and friends, meet their child’s classmates, and generally have a good time. Birthday parties are full of feel-good moments, especially for young children who still enjoy aging, but your party is nothing without guests.

Ensure your guests are informed on the date, time, location, theme, and more by designing the perfect custom birthday party invitations with these essential dos and don’ts.

Do: Mail Out Physical Invitations

In a world of immediacy, taking the time to design, print, and mail your custom invitations, plus the wait time for the first responses to come it, may feel like a lot of wasted time in a day and age when social media and email can put  all the requisite party info right at our fingertips in a matter of seconds. With one click, you can hit your entire guest list––except those old-fashioned relatives who refuse to conform. (We all have one of them.)

But where is the joy in receiving an e-vite? You don’t get to hold that physical postcard in your hand. You can’t display it on the fridge. And with the endless barrage of sales emails from your favorite stores, you may miss your invitation all together. Guarantee your family and friends know the where, when, and what by sticking to physical invites. Plus, you and your son or daughter can design them together!

Don’t: Forget to match your invite to your party theme.

By “party theme”, it doesn’t have to be Gatsby-extravagant but picking a theme for your child’s party clues parents into what your child likes, whether it’s a specific color like green, a TV show like Peppa Pig or Umi Zoomi, or a movie like Moana or The Incredibles 2. Your party theme can also be as simple as a motif like zoo animals or dinosaurs, or a concept like Dr. Seuss, the circus, pirates, or pajamas. Incorporate your theme into your invite using color, images, or wording. For example, a circus theme party invite could begin with “Come One, Come All, to the greatest show on Earth!” Or a zoo theme party invite could begin with “Let’s Get Wild!”

Do: Print both sides of the postcard.

Get creative and be playful with your design. Create colored, striped, or patterned backgrounds that you can print on both sides to create a cohesive design––but remember to put all the party details on the front! When parents hang up your invitations as reminders, they’ll want all the important text to be easily visible.

Do: Put a photo of your child.

Adding a photo takes your design one step further to make it a truly personalized design. Dress up the birthday boy or girl and have them show off those pearly whites!

Don’t: Leave out any details.

Once you notify your guest list, you don’t want confused family members calling because you didn’t include an end time or a dress code. Be sure to include:

  • Your child’s age
  • Date
  • Time (start and end)
  • Location
  • RSVP date, contact, and phone number or email
  • Directions/recommendations (such as in lieu of a card, please bring a book)
  • Any other important day-of details

Do: Print with a professional printer.

Once you and the birthday boy and girl love your design and are ready to print, choose a professional local printer like Boulevard Print Inc to bring your design to life. We proudly serve the Buffalo community, offering high-quality postcard printing for any size order, big or small, at every day low prices. Contact us today for more information!