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Reasons Why You Should Still Send Christmas Cards


We spend hours every day on posting, liking, checking in, emailing, texting and tweeting. The list of our social media accounts goes on. The “I saw that on Facebook” phrase is said daily, replacing the good old phone call and heartfelt letter. Modern technology has streamlined the way we communicate, but it has also taken away the personal interactions that we take for granted.This has continued to happen during the holidays. Holiday cards have gone to the side due to digital technology’s influence on society. However, when the holidays come around, there is no better way to spread the holiday cheer than a Christmas card. Here are some reasons why you should still send Christmas cards in the digital age.

Who doesn’t like getting mail?

Think about the last time you got a piece of mail that wasn’t junk mail or a bill. Getting a letter or card in the mail doesn’t happen too often anymore. Plus, our mailboxes are less cluttered than our inboxes or social media feeds. This makes every personal interaction more special. You can write out an arbitrary message to your 200 something followers on Facebook or Twitter, but what is so special about that. Sometimes it’s about taking the extra effort to send a note or card that makes all the difference. If you really want to connect with someone, don’t let them miss your message in a sea of posts. Choose the old fashioned way via the post office.

Keep family and friends in the loop

Most of us have friends or family that we don’t get to see often due to schedules or distance. Christmas cards allow us to connect with distant loved ones by writing a personal note inside your card or on a separate piece of paper in the envelope. Update them on your year, including family photos, and let them know what is on the books for the new year. Cards are also great ways to keep in touch with your less tech-savvy family members (like Grandma).


Christmas cards have gotten easier and easier to personalize. With online applications, you can choose your own colors, fonts, messages, and add your own photos. Do you need help designing? Checkout our digital printing design tips! Or we can design it for you!  When it is time to print, keep Boulevard Printing in mind.

Christmas cards make for great decorations.

It’s really easy to delete an email. Just one button and the message is gone. It’s much harder to discard a photo of your cousin in California or a holiday greeting from a distant relative. Cards are memories that you get to hold onto year after year. Don’t throw them out! Display them! Regardless of if you send Christmas cards or not, everyone appreciates getting them so much that they even put them on display. Plus, now thanks to Pinterest, there are hundreds of unique ways to display your cards.

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