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Dos and Don’ts Of Save-The-Date Postcards


Love Is In The Air

It should come as no surprise that Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day to get engaged. Whether he proposed last year, during the hectic holiday season, or you are a brand new bride-to-be, congratulations! You may have told your immediate family and friends but once you are ready to get your guests in the loop, the first thing you’ll want to do is send out Save-The-Dates to officially announce your wedding date.

E-cards may be a growing trend––especially for brides with a short engagement––but a digital invite doesn’t spark the same emotional impact as a physical card, nor does it match the opulence and grandeur one expects from a wedding. While the use of digital Save-The-Dates is up to your discretion, we recommend sticking to this timeless tradition.

We understand that wedding planning is stressful, and to alleviate some of that stress, we’ve compiled several Dos and Don’ts of designing and mailing your Save-The-Date postcards.

Do: Send Out Save-The-Dates

Are you aware that some brides have done away with Save-The-Dates completely? While this may work for a wedding with a small guest list or a short engagement, it makes more sense to let your guests know of your upcoming nuptials. This ensures they have plenty of time to mark their calendars, take off of work, make travel arrangements, book hotels, and schedule vacations around your wedding date.

Don’t: Send Out Save-The-Dates Too Early or Too Late

As a rule of thumb, you should send out Save-The-Dates six to eight months prior to your wedding date.

Again, the point of a Save-The-Date is to give your guests ample time to plan for your wedding in order to give them the best chance of attending your ceremony. Send your postcards too early and they will potentially get lost, misplaced, or trashed. Send your postcards too late and your guests may have already booked your wedding date for another event.

Do: Be Clear About Who Is Invited

Be mindful of your guest list and only send Save-The-Dates to people you definitely want to attend. If you’re not sure about someone, set a postcard aside.

And be as clear as possible when addressing your envelopes. This will help clear up any early confusion as to who is actually invited. (You don’t want any unexpected “guests” at dinner.)

Don’t: Overthink Your Design

By the time your wedding invitations go out in the mail, every detail should be set in stone, from the time to the venue to the menu and beyond. None of that matters for your Save-The-Dates. The only details you need to worry about this early are your names, the date, and the city. That’s all!

The best part about your Save-The-Dates is that they don’t need to match the invitations you eventually send, giving you the freedom to play around with layouts, colors, fonts, and styles to create the perfect design to get your guests excited for your wedding.

The only rule for designing your Save-The-Dates is to put all the important information on one side, as most will end up on your guests’ fridges.

Do: Choose A Professional Printer

Once you’ve perfected your design, choose a professional, local printer like Boulevard Printing Inc to deliver a product that will “wow!” you and your guests. We proudly serve the Buffalo community, offering high-quality postcard printing for any size order, big or small, at every day low prices.

And as your wedding date draws near, we can assist with all of your print needs including invitations, envelopes, RSVPs, menus, table numbers, placement cards, and more. Contact us today for more information!