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Tips For A Successful Trade Show


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Tis The Season . . . Fall Trade Show Season!

Halloween is almost here which means Thanksgiving––and Black Friday––are just around the corner. To get the best results on your daring discounts and spectacular savings, combine your print and digital advertisements to market your business across multiple channels. You’ll need both online and offline customers to increase your selling potential this holiday season.

But never underestimate the marketing potential of selling face-to-face. Fall Trade Shows are popular for any industry, and with thousands of new faces, you’re bound to make lasting connections that will turn into long-term customers. Regardless if you’re a salon trying to promote a new product, a college providing intel on the application process, a restaurant trying to spread the word on a new location, or an entrepreneur pitching your latest invention, there’s a trade show for you.

The key to a successful trade show is to come prepared.

Win over potential customers by making sure your booth is well-prepared. Put together a strong team that will bring smiles, high energy, and an approachable atmosphere to your table. Staff should be able to quickly and easily convey product information, answer questions, and pass out those essential promotional materials! Make your booth stand out from the crowd and turn a glance into a sale.

Trade Show Necessities:

Business Cards

You should never go anywhere without at least a couple of business cards in your purse, pocket, or wallet. When it comes to trade shows, think “bulk”. These pocket-sized advertisements are simple, affordable, and personal, giving you the opportunity to make yourself memorable in the eyes of consumers. Be generous and pass out your business cards like candy!

Name Tags

Not all companies have custom apparel and you don’t necessarily need an embroidered polo to identify yourself as your company’s representative. Break the ice and make your staff appear more personable to consumers by printing postcards with your name, photo, and company logo, which you can then hole punch and hook onto a lanyard to create your own company name tags! As your booth gets busier throughout the day, this easy promotional tool will help visitors differentiate representatives from your company and other consumers.

Customized Freebies

Face it: everyone loves free stuff. Low-cost freebies with your company’s logo and brand not only put your name in the hands of consumers, but gives them a keepsake from your meeting. Include your contact information, key products or services, and social media handles for easy access across all of your marketing platforms. Try branded freebies like:

Plus, giving someone a free notepad might encourage them to linger longer at your booth. Popular tables attract attention so increase your foot traffic and keep the visitors coming!

Brochures and Rack Cards

With so many booths in one location, it can be hard for consumers to remember everyone they meet, so give them a takeaway to browse at their leisure after the trade show has ended. Stand out from the competition by tailoring your brochures and rack cards to fit your target audience.

When it comes time to print these trade show necessities, look no further than Boulevard Printing. Our low prices and high quality materials make us the ideal Buffalo printer!