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What to Put on the Back of a Business Card


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Are you making the most of your business card? Providing vital contact information is only part of creating a business card that leaves a lasting impression. So many people don’t realize the vital real estate that lives on the back of their business card. Usually left blank, the back of your business card is the perfect spot for a mini portfolio for your business. Yes, you can use the back of your card for note taking but is that the best way to promote your brand to the fullest? Here are some ideas to effectively make use of the back of your business card.

List of Services/Products

The back of your card is the perfect space for a short list. It doesn’t compromise white space and you won’t have to worry about clutter surrounding your logo. When giving out your business card, let the card do the talking. Including a mini list of services or products that your business offers works as a quick reference of what your company can provide. A list is also a reminder of what your business does. Without any specifics, your customers may forget who you are and toss your card out. Don’t overdo it though! If you add too much, your clients may glaze over the content, not paying attention to what it is actually saying. Add your top services, best selling products, and/or best prices to entice them to act and find out more about your company.

Eye-catching Imagery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you are a photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, artist, or anything creative, use the back of your card to showcase your work. Rather than leaving the back of your card blank, fill it with a high-quality image, mini work of art, or a captivating logo to fill up space with something special and personal. Stay away from clip art or your card may look cheesy. Cards will be kept longer if they have an image from a legit source. Plus if you’re an artist or photographer, why wouldn’t you want to use your own work? It gives prospective clients a sample of your portfolio and quality of work.

Special Offer

Everyone loves free stuff, from discounts to free goods/services. In exchange for contact information, customers can receive an offer that is hard to resist. Entice people to opt into an email list for a free gift or discount. This is a great way to capture emails and start contact, especially if you are giving your card out in mass and don’t always have the opportunity to meet with people in person. No matter the offer, make sure it is hard to turn away. If you give something of value, your card will be less likely to end up in the trash.

The act of handing out business cards implies that the recipient has some interest in your company or services. Including an offer or a catchphrase gets them in the door (or onto your website), which makes them more likely to follow up on your services. Things like “Sign up at our website for a free weight loss booklet” or “Bring our card into our store and save 10%” are great places to start.

  • If you’re stuck on what to offer, try a referral! A simple referral with an offer looks clean, professional, and will only do your business good. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tactics. Using the back as a referral card could give you a sea of new, relevant clients.

Life Tips/Fun Facts

Impart industry knowledge on the back of your card. People will hold onto your card for longer if it contains information that is useful to their everyday lives.

For Example:

  • If you are a bakery, use the back of your card as a guide for converting measurements.
  • You could use CPR instructions for a medical-related business
  • Psychologists or therapists can place toll-free help hotlines
  • Any business can use stress relief tips

If you want something a little more fun, try fun facts. This will keep people engaged with your card. If you go the extra mile and add different facts to your card, customers may want to collect as many of your cards as possible. Having multiples of your card will keep reminding them of your contact information.

Fun Fact Examples:

  • An interactive quiz
  • Zodiac signs for astrologists
  • Diet information
  • Car care checklist

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