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Dos and Don’ts Of Postcard Printing


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Time For Spring Cleaning . . . Your Marketing Materials

Spring is the season of renewal. It’s a season of warmth and color. Of optimism. It’s a season that celebrates and embraces change. All themes that can easily be worked into your marketing efforts. As we slowly transition from winter to summer, perform a little “spring cleaning” of your marketing materials by giving your postcards a fresh, vibrant new aesthetic.

Create Beautiful, Relevant Content To Attract Consumers

Like business cards, postcards are an extremely versatile print product that can be used in almost any marketing campaign. This easy, cost-effective direct marketing tool puts your brand into the hands of consumers, inspiring them to take action. Postcards make great advertisements for:

  • A new product or service
  • An upcoming sale or promotion
  • An upcoming event
  • A follow-up survey
  • A thank you for attending an event
  • A reminder to schedule an appointment
  • And more!

But when it comes to design, how can ensure your postcard hits the mark? Here are some dos and don’ts to inform, excite, and inspire your target audience:

Do: Use Color

Spring embraces a broad spectrum of colors, from sunny yellows to mellow greens to eye-catching pinks and purples. When used strategically, color adds interest and creates emphasis. Tie in your brand colors where possible for a cohesive look and feel, and try to be consistent with cross-promotions on your website, social media platforms, or other print materials like flyers or rack cards.

Remember to create contrast between your text and background to keep it legible and use complimentary shades to make your promotion “pop”.

Do: Include A Photo (Or Two)

Carefully select your photos to convey emotion and add depth to promotional items, but be careful to select images that contribute to your message, not distract from it. If you don’t have images of your own, there are plenty of stock photo websites online!

Don’t: Squeeze Too Much Content Into Your Design

When it comes to your marketing materials, think “less is more.” Upgrade to modern, clean fonts and try to limit yourself to one or two complimentary styles. Be clear about your postcard’s purpose and keep your text brief. Skip large blocks of copy in favor of small teasers, and direct consumers to your website or social media platforms for additional information and details.

Do: Keep Your Target Audience In Mind

As you put together your design, keep your target audience in mind and use text and imagery that will appeal to them.

Don’t: Bury Your Contact Info

Marketing your business does nothing if consumers can’t find you. Make your contact info easy to find and include your phone number, email, website URL, and physical address.

Do: Leave Room For Mailing Labels

Postcards are easy to hand-out or leave on display as “grab-and-go” items, but if you intend to mail your postcards, you’ll want to leave space for a stamp and mailing label. Build space into your design to ensure no essential information is covered.

Do: Choose A Professional Printer

Once you feel confident in your design, finalize your marketing efforts by choosing a professional, local printer like Boulevard Printing Inc. We proudly serve the Buffalo community, offering high-quality postcard printing for any size order, big or small, at every day low prices. Contact us today for more information!